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Magic of Sea - Rare Codd Marble Sea Glass Necklace

Magic of Sea - Rare Codd Marble Sea Glass Necklace

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Sold....Please message me to customize seaglass jewellery.

Sea glass marble is rare and I can only make what is available on hand. Please DM me if you would like to order any of my seaglass jewellery.

Genuine Scottish One of a Kind Green Codd marble  Sea Glass Necklace

This stunning piece was handpicked by myself on my lovely walks on Aberdeen beach. Each piece of sea glass comes with its imperfections created by nature. 

The stunning cord marble is hanging  on sterling silver locket and a sterling silver chain with avDevarias Starfish logo.

I don’t believe anything can replace the beauty, energy and authenticity of genuine sea glass that has been hand made by the ocean.
Through a natural process, the glass breaks into smaller pieces and different shapes. It travels with the currents, tosses in the waves, mixed with rocks and coarse sand. Even its chemical makeup is altered. Numerous times it is washed up onto the beach, only to be stolen again by the tides and waves and returned to nature’s giant tumbler.
Finally one day it remains on the beach to be discovered and cherished by someone who truly appreciates its history, value and beauty and now it's making its way to you to cherished in years to come.

I am happy to customise any of my product to suit a special occasion. Charms can be added to any necklace or bracelet to give a special extra touch. Available in sterling silver and Tibetan Silver for a small additional cost.

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