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Water Drop Sterling Silver Amazonite Bracelet

Water Drop Sterling Silver Amazonite Bracelet

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Devarias brings you this beautiful Amazonite Bracelet which is an ancient gemstone that’s known for its beauty and healing properties. It has been around for centuries, and it has been widely used to make jewellery.

The Bracelet is three layered Sterling Silver chain and an Amazonite Stone. Accent with a starfish Devarias Logo.  The length of bracelet is 16cm

Amazonite Crystal: Inspires truth, Sincerity, Honor, Self-love, Communication, Prophecy, Eloquence, Integrity, Trust, Clarity

Amazonite aids concentration and enhances the ability to complete projects on time. Wearing it as a jewellery will assist you in gaining self-knowledge and in defining your core beliefs and values. It assists you in communicating your true thoughts and feelings without over-emotionalism. This is the first step towards both inner and outer peace.

Wearing Sterling Silver 

Silver helps with good mental health, It strengthen the effects of stones, It protects from dermatitis, osteoporosis, chronic flu, sinus infection and rheumatisms. Thanks to its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, silver helps to heal wounds.  It reduces fever, inflammations and nervous system stress.

Many women and men wear silver jewellery to ward off infection, cold/flu symptoms, and any other virus, bacteria, etc. Silver also helps to keep our blood vessels elastic, which enables it to play a role in bone formation and healing, as well as skin maintenance and repair. Silver is know to help us avoid potential toxic substances,  as a metal, silver reacts and turns color when it encounters many other chemicals that are known toxins. For example,  if your silver jewelry turns blue when you wear it for too long, this could indicate the presence of high sodium in your body. Seeing a blue piece of silver jewelry could serve as a warning to cut back on salty snacks!

Always take sterling silver jewellery and Gemstones off when in a shower, sauna, spa or while swimming. 

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