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Ice Aqua Sea Glass Sea and Wooden Poppy Jasper Bracelet

Ice Aqua Sea Glass Sea and Wooden Poppy Jasper Bracelet

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Poppy Jasper Gemstones and Sea Glass Bracelet Set

Bracelets is 18cm and can stretch to larger size                                                                                           Ice Aqua Sea Glass                                                                                                                                        8mm Dark Red Poppy Jasper Gemstone
Gold Tibetan Silver Spacer beads
African Wooden Beads

Benefits of Materials used:
What is Poppy Jasper…..As you might of guess from the name Poppy is a happy and joyful stone associated with poppies and with remembrance and Jasper is from the Greek word for “spotted stone”.

Wearing Poppy Jasper will bring you a sense of security and comfort, and to increase feelings of peace, serenity, and wholeness. It will increase your inner strength and mental fortitude to help you with life’s daily challenges.

Poppy Jasper will bring your life vitality and cheerfulness, and it will remind you of your duty to humanity to be kind and compassionate! It promote activity, enthusiasm, and dynamic energy in your life. Poppy Jasper is also known as the Supreme Nurturer, and it works to provide you with centring, grounding, and stabilizing energies.

African Wooden Beads
Beads play a huge part in some African cultures. Meanings behind African beads include pride, beauty, culture, power and identity.

Sea glass
Sea Glass is well regarded as a symbol of renewal and healing, a metaphor for life.  Ice Aqua truely reflects the colors of sea and sky… While these glowing gems seem right at home nestled in a tide pool or washed up by a gentle wave, they are some of the rarest of all sea glass colors. This one was found on Aberdeen Beach, Scotland.


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