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Smoky Quartz and Agate Necklace

Smoky Quartz and Agate Necklace

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This beautiful Smoky Quartz Necklace and Grey Agate really compliments each other with a Gorgeous Sterling silver Dimonte charm and Sterling Silver beads.  Natural Quartzs are 10mm, 8mm and 6mm Agates are 6mm and Spacers are Tibetian Silver. Length is 40cm

Smoky  Quartz

Serenity, Calmness,  Positive thoughts, Calms fear, Lifts depression, Stability, Practicality, Intuition, Pride


Love, Abundance, Wealth, Good luck, Longevity, Acceptance, Courage and strength,  Protection, security and safety, Balance, Harmony, Generosity, Appreciation of nature

Wearing Agate helps to release anger, fear, and bitterness.   It helps us to find our problems. It helps us to be patient, reminding us that healing and progress sometimes takes considerable time and effort. Agate is used for boosting self-confidence, stability and enhances personal and spiritual growth. This gemstone enhances mental functions, perception, and helps the wearer to overcome negative emotions.

Sterling Silver

Silver helps with good mental health.

It strengthen the effects of stones.

It protects from dermatitis, osteoporosis, chronic flu, sinusitis and rheumatisms.

Thanks to its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, silver would help to heal wounds.

It reduces fever, inflammations and nervous system stress.

Always take sterling silver jewellery and Gemstones off when in a shower, sauna, spa or while swimming. 

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